Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year Everyone in 2017!

Time flies, year flies…

Traditionally, some prepared their new year’s resolution on a list. What is your new year’s resolution you have done in the past years and this year? We do hope this year become a more trailblazing journey to you as we enter the new pages of our adventure.

We do not need fireworks or firecrackers to blast off the bad spirits as some culture traditions believe. Thankfully whatever way we believe there is a God out there, he’s definitely in control of the universe no matter how we imagine meteorites (God’s fireworks) dropping over the sky without our senses! How many scientists are there travelling around the globe and the universe and yet cannot find the answer to their amazement?

Travelling is part of our DNA whether it is not your cup of tea, afraid of heights and the black hole! We do hope that everyone have a great year better than expected! 2017 is pure with blank pages, go on and write your story!



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