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Day-6 Wynyard Town in Tasmania Known For Its Table Cape Tulip Farm

Where is Wynyard? The north-west coast of Launceston and Hobart. It sandwiches between Devonport and Stanley. If you notice this photo taken from Burnie City earlier in the blog post, you can see a flat table at the background horizon. That’s where the Waratah-Wynyard town and the famous Table Cape lookout, Lighthouse and a tulip…

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Day-5 Different Sunsets Set at Burnie City, Tasmania

What’s all about Burnie City, Tasmania? It’s a beautiful city, and it has a unique attraction of its own besides the port. It’s a driveaway from any of the nearby towns attractive destinations if you consider staying here for few days before driving further the Tassie islands. Burnie was initially called the Emu Bay before…