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Day-4 Burnie City, Tasmania

Buckle up, for we will be on a long road trip for the next 28 days. Today, we are travelling to Burnie City. For the last time, we went back to Mersey Bluff for morning hiking from the hill to the beach before we head off. Our personal accommodation reviews will be in a separated blog post from our highlights nature travel with you. It’s overcast today but enjoyable hiking day with my bhub.

We discovered miniature beautiful clustered Mussels on this rocky beach. I reckon they look very yummy, one day! My first time, to appreciate how tiny they are! I have only seen clustered of edible snails in the Philippines but not Mussels yet.

A closer look at these beauties. Let’s zoom in, and they look yummier for soup 🙂

Hmmm, they are firm clinging themselves.

Enough for those Mussels. We are now approaching the little town of Ulverstone. Let’s find somewhere to eat some local foods. We decided to try the Banjo Bakery since we don’t have them in Ballarat. We’ve been too hungry not to take a selfie 🙂

Welcome to Burnie City, where we will be staying for three nights. We drove up to one of Burnie’s lookout valley to view the port city on the north-west coast of Tasmania. There’s another lookout from the local tips, but we got many things to see yet around.

At sunset, we are at the beach for walking, Periscope live-streaming and photo shooting. A local person walked by and warned me here not to stand near the sea waves while I was photo shooting the sunset for safety reasons. It did scare me a bit, as I have a deep water phobia.


Sunset afterglow was mesmerising as we relax and go to sleep soon after dinner. Beach was never busy at all from the few nights stay and back around this area.



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