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Ballarat City Christmas Lights 2016 Live Stream Clip

Welcome to Ballarat City Christmas lights 2016! Ballarat has only a few lights but a lot better than nothing centred at the heart of the city or Sturt Street. For someone like us who was used to more flashy Christmas lights especially from some parts of the Philippines; it is silent Christmas to live or visit Ballarat around this time of the year except for the car hooning drivers that you might hear from our Periscope live-stream. Not much people on the street rather silent nights. There is no nightlife here, just us tonight.  Ballarat City doesn’t have New Year’s Eve fireworks except on “Australia Day” January 26th night (tax payers budget not for it). We do have New Year’s Eve spectacular only in the metro cities of Melbourne and Sydney would blast them on!

We managed to capture some photos. There were only one or two restaurants that were closing on December 26th night-time when we arrived just before 11 PM. During business hours, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from Sturt Street and Armstrong Street before driving around Ballarat City and its suburbs to find food service that you may like.

City of Ballarat banners with hashtag #loveballarat you can use on Instagram or other social media – background building of the Central Square Shopping Mall.


Santa’s reindeer are all alive beaming with lights at night and alive with flower plants at day time. They’re ready to take-off when we are taking photos. They had all weekend posing for photos with tourists and travellers around the world, they said.


Some close up of the reindeer with a tag name on their neck.


Ballarat City’s box sign post for Christmas. Every season, this post changes all year-round with a theme for locals, tourists and travellers.


There’s always the Christmas tree, the real green tree alive adorned with lights & ornaments blinking at night!


That’s about the Christmas lights in Ballarat; there are few more but just take the highlights Christmas tree and the reindeer. Happy blessed Christmas and Happy Grand New 2017 to all of you!

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