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Travel Tips 101 [Infographic]

Travel Tips 101 infographic

Travel tips are handy at times when hectic life got the best of us.  Some travel tips for your next trip or if this is your first trip overseas or so. Our 101 travel tips whether you plan for the short or long trip. Like most of us are, we do not need tips because we do want to adventure to the unknown or the familiar places. Besides the 101 list below, you may share us your tips from your travel and experience of your blog on our comment below.


7 Travel Tips 101 list:

  1. Get your right maps from your location, use your travel map apps or google map.
  2. Never joke about the bombing in an airport or any public places.
  3. Keep alert while you are at the airport, bus station, and other public areas.
  4. Make sure there are no extra fees or costs when you are booking online for your cruise, flight, or any trip related. Some websites are not user-friendly when you are booking until you get to the bottom payment provided. Be cautious with tactic marketing prices.
  5. Check the weather of your destination or stop-overs so you can bring the right clothing and stuff with you.
  6. If this is family travel with kids, make sure you have photos of each child for your reference, in case they run off for fun.
  7. Plan your theme park trip. Get the theme park map and make sure you know their opening or closing time.

Avoid being unprepared. You got the Google search from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop to check any unexpected delays to anywhere you are going. You got many different travel apps you can download and play around before you travel. Enjoy your trip!

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