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Day-6 Wynyard Town in Tasmania Known For Its Table Cape Tulip Farm

Where is Wynyard? The north-west coast of Launceston and Hobart. It sandwiches between Devonport and Stanley. If you notice this photo taken from Burnie City earlier in the blog post, you can see a flat table at the background horizon. That’s where the Waratah-Wynyard town and the famous Table Cape lookout, Lighthouse and a tulip…

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Bushfire Aftermath at Lake Mountain in Autumn

A day getaway to one of the Australia’s Victorian Alpine region with a bushfire aftermath. A surprising journey without checking the weather condition. Sometimes, not planning your destination brings you a spicy journey and the moments of travel enjoyable especially with nature photography. Looking back on our travels would bring us deeper appreciation from what…

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Healesville Victoria, Australia Holiday Weekend

Featuring Healesville Victoria, Australia holiday weekend. Our first visit to Healesville Sanctuary to watch that gorgeous Koala in the park and other Australian exotic wild animals. It’s one of our favourite destinations in Australia. First-time travellers and tourists who love nature and wild animals, this is a great place to visit although any Australian sanctuary…