10 Differences Between a Traveller and a Tourist

10 Differences Between a Traveller and a Tourist

Quite an interesting contrast to argue in a panel discussion. The digital travel nomads, travellers, and tourists would raise their hands and start sharing their opinions. Are you a traveller or a tourist? Do you tour for holiday or travel for something else? Are you an infusion of both definition of a traveller or a tourist? Which side are you when you are travelling? Do you have to follow your itinerary 100% when you bump into something unexpected?

Some tourists would support their travel plans and even if they will miss the unfolding moment sunset or sunrise, they look trapped inside their route and drive on to their other destinations quicker than they should. The private tourist guide apologised “sorry we need to go because you did not give me enough time to plan this for you!”  It often depends on individual travel perspective, culture, country, tribal background, financial travel budget, etc. why some are very tourist than a traveller.

Agree or not there are truth differences between a traveller and a tourist. Just look around where tourists flock on their destinations while travellers tend to separate from the crowd. Local travel knowledge is rich with contents where you can discover how they navigate their local map and their best foodie spots. The infographic below gives you precise details from others perspective than fusiontourism alone 🙂

Here is the link on quotations difference between a traveller and a tourist “Quotes of Pack on Travel Infographic”.

10 differences between tourist n traveler

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