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Lake Wendouree Wildlife in Ballarat

Lake comes alive, worth a visit! A little brief coverage of our resplendent city Lake Wendouree in Ballarat, Victoria Australia. We relish walking or just picnicking around it. There is wide enough kids playground to play for families and day out for all ages to relish. The lake water resolves a comeback by our city council’s approbation through extending some water pipes from other water reservoir source to avail refilled back the long drought lake.

Wildlife often made their way to fly back to the lake as soon as water refilled as nature would have intended itself. Bird watchers can tell you how many wildlife visits one after the other. Hopefully, the water lake stays despite heat wave breaks in the summer time. A component of the lake utilises for boating activity, but other parts of the lake kept rigorously for the wildlife to live placidly.



The lake keeps diligent for daily runners, walkers, or local tourism and it is withal adjacent area of the Ballarat City Botanical Garden for all locals, travellers and tourists to drop by, photo-shoots or simply walk around. Below is a short video of the lake.

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