This is where you’ll find nuggets of information on how you can embrace clients, customers or guests and create tourism business competition alliances using “social media” networks within the rising empathetic world sharing-economy.


To “Recharge one life at a time”. To empower & help provide small tourism industry operates to self-create the best social tourism services for their guests and customers beyond accommodation & tourism service.

Company Overview

In marketing your tourism business that you may have thought it can be hard or costly? We’d love to offer a “life coaching business relationship” to help you take your tourism business to the next level towards your goal. Living your dreams, creating your unique experiences, being a part of culture travel tourism nomadic lifestyle you choose on your terms aligned to your core values, exploring your interests while creating your own travel/tourism fun passion career lifestyle you get to create the money doing what you love, giving value and being a sustainable culture aware explorer.

 General information

Through the use of “social media” your loyal customers and guests tribal community family will emerge effectively. Help you build your tourism business to attract more captured targeted audience that come to you as part of your marketing funnel (example the use of Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube, etc. into your website).

We can help you setup a more automated effortless business online system around your values and context. Create your marketing merger (online & offline marketing) infusing it with other local tourism businesses and customer alliances in an effortless collaboration atmosphere.

Connect with us on our Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page and other social media for an interactive sharing and listening to what each individual wants, needs and building relationship. For more live stream broadcast adventure with us you can connect with us on Periscope, Meerkat, etc. with our name @fusiontourism for live fun interaction. If you are following us on twitter, then you get our live stream broadcast feed when this happens.


FusionTourism Team


  1. Hi,

    You just followed us on Twitter.

    Would love to connect directly – we are already working with several organisations within the travel industry, primarily in Eco-tourism.


    David Whitfield

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