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Summer BBQ at Victoria Park, Ballarat City

Finally made it to the BBQ area at Victoria Park here in Ballarat City. We randomly think to try to buy some sausage and BBQ at the park, and so we did and not just thinking about it. Hubby thought it is Australia Day tomorrow as he often misses having a holiday on that day. Unfortunately, he often works on Australia Day while many Australians will be celebrating around Australia with their BBQ, which is unfair for those who works no matter what. We will miss the fireworks from Lake Wendouree again this time. For now, we will just have BBQ together with a new friend wildlife Kookaburra visited us.

If you are travelling around Australia, look for local parks like we have in Ballarat, and usually, you will find a FREE BBQ area under a shade and bring your prawns, meats, veggies, etc. with you and put on the snags on the barbie! While you are at it, you can watch some wildlife that may come and smell your BBQ. We are blessed tonight to have an Australian Kookaburra looking at our snags on the barbie as they are meat-eaters.

Here’s our live stream history using Periscope app at that time.


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