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In this episode 10 of Fusion Tourism Podcast, we interview Ricky Shetty, he has travelled many countries around the world in his life so far and in the last 3 or years has done a lot of different countries with his wife and 3 children.

Ricky Shetty alone has travelled to 81 countries and six continents maybe even more at the time of this publishing, so go over to Daddy Blogger to see what he and his family are up to on their adventures.

Ricky Shetty has been a long time blogger, local event coordinator, speaker, publisher and author. He is now an ordained pastor with a ministry connecting people to how and why become a digital nomad for experiences with purpose driven life.

Ricky Shetty completed his first TED Talk in the Philippines in 2018.
In 2019 coordinated and founded the first digital nomad summits in South East Asia called Freedom Summit Asia, he has plans to expand this on a global level for digital nomads and new digital nomads to grow and be inspired to travel the road less travelled by many.

Ricky Shetty along with his team and collaboration held Freedom Summits in Manila Philippines, Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Chiang Mai Thailand and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, you can follow the links below to go to the freedom Summit Website for updates and more details of what Ricky Shetty and his team have planned moving forward.

So go ahead now listen into Fusion Tourism Podcast episode 10 to discover how you can travel as digital nomad family even if you have not already.

Learn how Ricky Shetty and Brian Baulch first meet each other, discover the secret they have in common, but most of all discover how and why you can be inspired to become a digital nomad or to take your digital nomad lifestyle to another level.

Oh please go over and say hello to Ricky Shetty and his family at Daddy Blogger dot com Ricky looks forward to connecting with you and sharing how you can today to see his social media links too.

What would you consider is your number one takeaway from this episode of Fusion Tourism Podcast with special guest Ricky Shetty? What would you like to ask Ricky Shetty, please feel free to ask in the comments below I will forward them along to Ricky Shetty, he will reply back in the comments very soon.

Why or why would you not travel as a digital nomad?

Keep on Trailblazing
Brian Baulch

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