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Honesty Box Still in Australia Countryside

What is Honesty Box?

Wikipedia defines, “An honesty box is a method of charging for a service such as admission or car parking, or for a product such as home-grown produce and flowers, which relies upon each visitor paying at a box using the honour system. Tickets are not issued and such sites are usually unattended. When used in camping sites and other park settings, they are sometimes referred to as an iron ranger as there is often an iron cash box instead of an actual park ranger. Some stores also use them for selling newspapers to avoid queues at a till. Such boxes are typically used in rural areas where the low number of customers and other visitors, along with the low quantity and/or value of the products on offer, means that an attendant would not bring a positive return on investment. Many are also domestically run operations where attendance is not feasible.”


Are people sincere when they pay the Honesty Box?

According to our experience in Australia alone, Honesty Box is in declined due to dishonesty apparently and not because of the online eCommerce shopping for organic or inorganic fruits and vegetables or delivered to your door online shopping services.

The definition above pretty much described it. When you travel around Australia especially at the countrysides, you will probably bump into some honesty box along the road. These are local produce in season that local people sell whether from their garden, farm or their neighbours produce. Most times, the Honesty Box local produce are cheaper than what you buy from your supermarket and they are even tastier straight from the farm or garden!

This photo was taken at Huon Valley in Tasmania while we are driving there. What strikes me most that time was, I was taking my time to take photo before we leave not knowing someone was also waiting at our back patiently but they did not beep us like they do in the main land of Australia when you are travelling around.


From the other side view 🙂


What we bought are apples – they are great for eating while driving around and the juice! Way cheaper than what you buy from the supermarket.


The Self Serve Shed for buying local produce is close to these orchards with all the blossoming flowers in spring!


They also have their storage stocked boxes and where we saw a bird eating maybe the rotten fruits they just display for the birds.


Australian wild parrot feasting on the fruit from the orchards.

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