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The Rocks at Lancefield Victoria Australia – Part I

Lancefield, Victoria Australia on our first visit was a great hidden scenery surprised!

Unplanned drive through brought us to this beautiful rocky country town. Just an hour drive from Melbourne. Lancefield is one of the country towns hosting Farmers’ Market with 65 to 70 stalls monthly and other events. It is believed to be producing one of the nutritional crops due to its geological fertile soil.

The scenery views are hilly. Some parts are classified as a valley with terrain but not high mountains like the great alpine. It is a relaxing drive as you pass through this small town and enjoy the fresh air at the Outback and just recharge. See it for yourself and expose your photos! 🙂 I tried to find pictures of Lancefield online but not much so we have shared more on this post.

Lancefield, Victoria Australia ©jenniferramirezbaulch.com
Lancefield Victoria Australia ©jenniferramirezbaulch.com

Lancefield Victoria Australia ©jenniferramirezbaulch.com

A nut rock!

Unbelievable balls and nuts of rocks everywhere! It brings you back to imagine how the former volcanic area erupted before civilisation rediscovered and occupied this Outback with nature’s touch character.

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