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Quotes to Pack on Travel [Infographic]

The quotes are selected via ┬áto contemplate and discuss regarding travel and tourism. What a tourist and a traveller shared in common or what is the difference between a traveller and a tourist. Intriguing to observe on Pinterest and other social media posts that it can become a tenable argument. To resolve that quandary,…

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First Adventure at Shelly Beach Warrnambool, Victoria

Featuring: Shells and Starfish encounter for Jennifer One of our first adventures trips in Australia as a new couple during our honeymoon trip in Spring 2005. After long night shifts of Brian from his workplace, they finally had a break together for the very first time and driving around some Victoria’s tourist spots and some…

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Healesville Victoria, Australia Holiday Weekend

Featuring Healesville Victoria, Australia holiday weekend. Our first visit to Healesville Sanctuary to watch that gorgeous Koala in the park and other Australian exotic wild animals. It’s one of our favourite destinations in Australia. First-time travellers and tourists who love nature and wild animals, this is a great place to visit although any Australian sanctuary…