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First Adventure at Shelly Beach Warrnambool, Victoria

Featuring: Shells and Starfish encounter for Jennifer

One of our first adventures trips in Australia as a new couple during our honeymoon trip in Spring 2005. After long night shifts of Brian from his workplace, they finally had a break together for the very first time and driving around some Victoria’s tourist spots and some South Australia’s tourist destinations in a season. One of the best places to visit in Victoria is the Great Ocean Road. If you live overseas and planning to visit Down Under, don’t limit yourself through those agency bookings. Why not book with someone you know in Australia as well with the use of social media collaborating and connecting with your friends. It is one of the best tool just a click of your finger. The internet offers lots of options to book your destinations not just only in Australia. Be cautious and avoid some scammers out there.

shelly beach, victoria australia


Jennifer had never seen a beach yet covered with tiny sea shells all over this part of the shore. The best FUN experience trip completes her honeymoon journey with her husband unpack surprises and yet more to come on their marriage journey. Hmmm, “one trip at a time”.

Shelly Beach means picking shells for Jennifer. Her first shell encounters in Down Under 🙂

One of the great creation’s surprises we met on our first honeymoon journey was sweet Starfish. What a first date with an Australian Black Starfish at the tip of our toes! More detail pictures of other Australian wildlife Jennifer met on our excellent adventure together as we take you with us online here at Fusion Tourism. Unfortunately, she only picked few shells just enough to fill her pockets; the disadvantage of surprise trip you would not know where you’re going really. Next time ladies, if you are wearing high heels make sure bring another pair of runners 🙂

Just us @ Shelly Beach 🙂
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