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Day-2 Spirit of Tasmania, Devonport

Spirit of Tasmania, Devonport
Arrival: 6:00 AM at Devonport, Tasmania on Sept. 19, 2015

Day 2, arrival at Devonport. You know when you arrived while sleeping when the captain of the ship rings his bell I meant his microphone to announce arrival and instructions how to get out the ferry with or without vehicles.

What if you’re just waking up, and you did not hear the captain of the ship’s instructions?
There is still time to freshen up in the shower! Pack up your stuff and head off to the dining area while you observe what everyone do or get your camera and find the sunrise or sunset. Later on, the Spirit of Tasmania ferry will have further instruction when and how will you go out the ferry. There are only two ways to get in and out by elevator or by a staircase. Do not forget to drop your room keys if you’re using it while you use the stairs. Not sure in the elevator as we did not use that.


Are there meals serve at dinner and breakfast when travelling at night?
If you travel at night, you will only serve dinner meal but no breakfast meals for the next morning. The time we sailed, they only serve two kinds of menu, one for a buffet (plenty to choose from) and one for their catch of the day meals just a little bit cost than the buffet deals. Glad, they have Atlantic salmon served for our first meal dinner. It was very yummy topped off with green veggies and wedge of potatoes.


Where to buy your drinks and snacks?
There is small canteen where you can buy your non-alcoholic drinks just right beside the bar section. Spirit of Tasmania II has some variety of non-alcoholic drinks like the organic juice and some bottled pristine water from the cleanest air and purest water on earth found in Tasmania!  The other ferry has other variety of drinks that’s why I mentioned, and both Spirit of Tasmania ships have exotic drinks to explore with. Hopefully, the ship will patronise more Tasmanian foods and drinks especially locally produce that are less processed and more organic products!


What are the snacks you can buy from the ferry?
Since you cannot just bring food especially fruits in Tasmania from where you came from, it is quarantine. You can buy snacks in the ferry if you are feeling hungry before and after meals or if you needed extra food in your cabin like a little mouse. There is sort of sandwiches (no whole wheat bread use, though, only white bread) you can buy from there and enjoy!


The cabin where we sleep for a night and at the hallway through the Spirit of Tasmania restaurants, featuring the southern lights of the aurora australis photography in Tasmania from the aurora season! Depending on your itinerary travel, you might catch the lights of the south when heading to down right under. You can also see it at night in some part of Victoria.





Where to have breakfast at Devonport?
Be warned! From our experience, there are not many open restaurants for breakfast at Devonport as soon as you got out from the ferry procedure of driving out your car and searching for food.  If you are the first timer, and you just need to eat closer to where you arrive in Devonport, there is only one open McDonald waiting for the whole Spirit of Tasmania passengers line up to buy their brekky! Hmmm, it was ridiculous waiting! Also, renovation is going on! Coffee service in McDonald’s is a painful topsy-turvy system waiting as well! If you have your car, most well heat your water from your vehicle and brew your coffee!

We only realised after, that there are few places closer to Devonport for brekky when you still learning navigating the whole town when all eating locations are not yet open for business!

Do I need to read the tiny brochures that someone handed to us as we are driving out from the ferry in Devonport town?
Yes! If those small leaflets or brochures offered by the time you are driving in Devonport, it is a time-saver when you needed a decent brekky somewhere else rather than McDonald’s. Unfortunately, we have not read those little brochures handed to us until we headed off to other towns and we found that there are two places you can have brekky if you are driving your car, only 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Ferry Terminal. Tiny brochures are similar size that of the photos below! Sometimes small thing comes a big benefit! We are not paid for endorsing them; we only want to share with travellers if you want to try their breakfast service and link your blog reviews with us.

img11162015_004_001House of Anvers in La Trobe offers brekky, and it is a Chocolate Factory with free tastings on offer!  We might go there next time travel 🙂 It is a traditional European style Chocolate Factory, and Cafe serving hot or cold brekky from 7 am, prices from $13 from the leaflets. We have tasted some of their fudge and chocolate from Spirit of Tasmania ferry, and they are great!

img11162015_005_001The Cherry Shed in La Trobe offers breakfast too, 10 minutes from Devonport. Only open late morning from 9:30 am. Check their website before you go and do not forget to link back your blog review here at fusiontourism.

You will soon realise most businesses in the small town areas are operating “like” lifestyle businesses as they will only open late or close too early! It is laid back lifestyle in between as well. 🙂 Mentioning all of the above, hold on tight and enjoy the journey.

Fusiontourism Nugget: Driving is great in Tasmania all around. Most drivers observed “courtesy” like in the Philippines! They do not need to beep their horn like in the mainland Australia very impatient at your tail! What’s the courtesy secret? I leave that to you! 🙂

Author/Photography: Jennifer R Baulch @ www.jenniferramirezbaulch.com

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