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Top 10 Travellers Safety Tips in Baguio City Philippines [Infographic]

Welcome to the City of misty Pines mountain the Summer Capital of the Philippines, where a mountain of Chokos or Sayote runs through the ravines and yet can feed the whole city!

We do hope this basic infographic gives you a bird’s eye view (insider tips) if you are first timers or returning travelers (travellers) around Baguio City and the Cordilleras mountain areas. These tips are from either local or international travellers. Do not be harm as I was born in the northern Philippines and travel there from time to time. We do hope you see the good side of travelling to Baguio City and other parts of the Cordillera provinces above the conman artists and scammers. The Philippines is not only beautiful beaches but also untapped local secret destinations await for those who seek and travel. Let’s keep in mind to travel sustainably when others don’t care the environments.

Travel tips are a great compass to warn us ahead especially from different experiences of people not just only from us. One time as we were commuting in a bus from Baguio City to Manila; a couple behind us were discussing how they were disgusted with some taxi drivers in Baguio City letting them pay over price fare and others stuff they have experienced badly. Thank goodness, we have not met someone like that, maybe because they can see I’m from there likewise happened to you if you are from the countrysides going to Manila. Beware, wherever you go and if they see you as a stranger from another place, different con artists and scammers will often take advantage of the tourists and travellers whether you are local or international visitors. We did have a bad experience too when we travelled to Manila coming from the countryside but that will be in another post as this happened every day before President Duterte’s term. I am not saying the current president now have cleaned up all these messes from those “traffic enforcers bribery” because there are still doing it after I spoke to some friends and family.

Be safe and you are welcome to share your experience on the comment below with or without blog/social media links. Please wait for the infographic to load depending on your speed.

Author: Jennifer R. Baulch @ jenniferramirezbaulch.com

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