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30 Top Lists of House Swapping Around the World

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30 Top Lists of House Swapping Service Around the World and More

Hello nomads or digital nomadic tribe, we welcome your house-swapping experiences, value your links or stories and share them with us @FusionTourism whether as a guest blogger for free or just on comment box below.

What is House Swap?

Fusiontourism definition of term: “House Swap or House Exchange is a tool for digital nomadic tribes modernizing the primeval bartering travel back in a world scale catering for everyone or into family-friendly environment. Revival travel tool that our great ancestors led from generation to generation travelled with their foot through lands and seas in exchanged gold or silver, into rice or potatoes.”

Investopedia definition of term: “A practice in which the owners of a home allow the use of that property in exchange for the use of another party’s home. A house swap does not involve the sale of a home; rather, it allows a homeowner to “borrow” someone else’s home. It can be some on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. House swaps typically involve an exchange in property use for the purpose of vacation. They are also options for homeowners who need to relocate due to a change in job, but are unable to sell their home due to a depressed housing market.”

Investopedia explains ‘House Swap’ – Homeowners who do not want to give up a piece of property but wish to stay in another area may enter into a house swap agreement. For example, the owner of a condo in Miami may enter into a house swap agreement with the owner of a home in Denver. The Miami homeowner may like to ski in the winter, while the Denver homeowner may like to visit the beach in the winter.” investopedia.com/terms/h/house-swap.asp#ixzz3Z6JvEgXF

House Swapping was born for all sorts of travel bug reasons. The WTO or World Tourism Organization Global Code of Ethics for Tourism encourages house exchange by one way of implementing sustainable ways of travel and minimizing the negative impacts of tourism to our world environment.”

The Baby Boomers who led the way, house swapping became the trend over time and now we (the X, Y, Z, dot com generations) are more following their steps as they continue to travel wired or wirelessly.

House swapping currently rising right now as more travellers booming worldwide (or shall I say the Baby Boomers again) in the “sharing economy” involved with trust, sustainable ways and security in place. You may either swap your dwellings or house, caravans, campervans, granny flats, your spare room, etc. from the other side of the world while travelling free or travelling more for less expensive accommodation.

Browse at your fingertips for free! Use them at your own risk but hopefully for the best! Some price not included as pricing may fluctuate or changed at any time. The top 30 lists can be free membership or have paid membership on offer by the individual website service for all travellers looking for alternative accommodations. Any updates by the time you read this article, feel free to share as I could not guarantee after I done my research for you all sites below will stay forever as it is or will.

Travel wisely and keep safe. Read all their terms and conditions. READ THE FINE PRINTS! If there are. Read legit testimonials although not all testimonials on some websites are false like some reviewers on the world-renowned Trip Advisor site. Sometimes, paying membership than using it free can give you peace of mind but this will all depend on each experience and guts to travel.

House swap, house exchange or house sitting can both operates for human travellers or their pets that need sitters while the owner travel somewhere else.

1. AUSSIE HOUSE SWAP – In their own words, “FREE to BROWSE the listings. Use our powerful search tool to help you explore House Swapping opportunities around Australia and across the world. Register & List your house for only $65 per year.” aussiehouseswap.com.au

2. LOVE HOME SWAP – In their own words, “Holiday like locals for a whole lot less. Use your home to travel the world, enjoy authentic travel experiences and save thousands on hotel bills.” Check out their paid membership on their site lovehomeswap.com

3. HOME EXCHANGE – In their own words, “We connect like-minded travelers, help them travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free.” Check out their membership fee homeexchange.com

4. HOUSE SWAP HOLIDAYS, AUSTRALIA – In their own words, “Australia’s largest house swap holiday and home exchange community.” Check out their membership cost of listing houseswapholidays.com.au

5. HOME LINK AUSTRALIA – Read their years of experience. In their own words, “60 years’ experience in-house swapping! HomeLink, the world’s oldest house swapping community. Our not-for-profit organisation has pioneered the global experience of house swapping holidays since 1953. It is the only home exchange organisation with national representatives, offering culturally adapted advice and guidance in over 27 countries. So that we can better serve you, please select your country of residence. If there is no office in your country, please select based on language, nationality or culture.” Their old website homelink.com.au and their newest website contains different languages as claimed homelink.org

6. HOME BASE HOLIDAYS – “Home exchanging is where, rather than staying in expensive hotels or holiday rentals, you swap your home with someone else’s home so that you both enjoy totally FREE vacation accommodation.” – See more at: homebase-hols.com

7. INTERVAC, THE ORIGINAL HOME EXCHANGE – In their own words, “INTERVAC was started in Europe in the early 1950’s by a group of teachers with plenty of vacation time looking for economical means to travel internationally. After a few exchanges, they realized that living in each other’s homes was great for cultivating international friendships. Our concept has been growing ever since – primarily by referrals from satisfied home exchangers. Currently INTERVAC offers its services around the world and facilitates home exchanges for 30,000 families from all walks of life.” au.intervac-homeexchange.com

8. GUEST TO GUEST – Another claimed “world’s leading home exchange website 118041 members in more than 180 countries! GuestToGuest is the story of 22 families living in France, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, The United States and Qatar with a common desire to invent a fair and simple way for anyone to stay around the world for free – thanks to home exchange.” How it works, read further guesttoguest.com/en

9. OUR HOUSE SWAP, AUSTRALIA – How it works in legal terms and conditions? In their own words, “We are here only to facilitate the contact between parties, not to arrange swaps, or to be involved in any way with the paperwork of the exchange. We take no responsibility for details listed on these pages. It is up to the users to verify that a person is a genuine swapper. Each Australia state has different rules and criteria for exchanges and you will need formal approval before swaps can take place. It is up to YOU to find out if you are eligible to swap.” ourhouseswap.com.au

10. CHRISTIAN HOME SWAP – In their own words, “Dave and Kirsty – the founders of ChristianHomeSwap.com which we launched in 2007. A home exchange refers to two parties coming together in mutual agreement to swap houses for an agreed period of time.” Read further to find out how much membership cost to join christianhomeswap.com

11. YOUR HOME FOR MINE – International, “Dave and Kirsty – the people behind YourHomeForMine.com which we launched in 2009.” yourhomeformine.com

12. SENIORS HOME EXCHANGE – The Only Home Exchange Exclusively For the Over 50 Age Group, How much does it cost for seniors at the time of this post. “The cost to register an exchange is $79 US funds for a 3 year listing or $100 for Lifetime Membership. Special Spring Prices Now In Effect! For limited time, pay only $59 for 3 year membership.” seniorshomeexchange.com

13. SWITCH HOMES, International supported by HomeLink Australia – In their own words, “switch uses a natural language search engine. Simply type in what you are looking for, and we display the house exchange opportunities that match your preferences.” switchhomes.net

14. HOME AWAY, International – In their own words, “world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry. Our mission is to make every vacation rental in the world available to every traveler in the world through our online marketplace. With over one million live vacation rental listings in 190 countries!” homeaway.com

15. HOME EXCHANGE 50 PLUS – In their own words, “we seniors, baby boomers, silver surfers (whatever we wish to call ourselves) are becoming great fans of Home Exchanging. We tend to be more flexible on dates with more free time available; we do not normally have to worry about school holidays, as we are often empty nesters.” homeexchange50plus.com

16. KNOK, International created by a married couple. In their own words, “first family travel network! Two ways to travel:
Direct Swap – Stay at a family home, and have that same family stay at yours (it does not need to be simultaneous). Knok Days – Share your home with any member and earn Knok Days, then use those Knok Days to stay at any available home in the network.” knok.com

17. EXCHANGE ZONES – BROWSER for HOME EXCHANGE, VACATION RENTALS, B&B INTERNATIONAL, in their own words, “15000 listings worldwide! For Property Owners: Registration is free of charge and required only once to list all your properties. Once you register you will be able to list your properties right away.” exchangezones.com

18. GUMTREE AUSTRALIA – Apparently the real estate listings on this site allows House Swapping so if you have Gumtree site in your country outside Australia you can do your research there as well. House swapping here is different from the usual websites listed above or below this list so please read individual listing what they offering in exchange of staying in their house or likewise you want to list your house gumtree.com.au/s-real-estate/house+swap/k0c9296

19. IVHE- International Vacation Home Exchange – based in London, ivhe.com

20. FAMILY HOLIDAY HOME SWAP – In their own words, “currently offering 2 years FREE MEMBERSHIPS to the first 200 people, so if you are looking for a family friendly, international home swapping community then become a member of Family Holiday HOME SWAP and forget about carrying all of those cumbersome kids accessories completely!” familyholidayhomeswap.com I Found this link through TRAVEL WITH TOTS that may interest parents out there travelwithtots.com.au/tips-and-info

21. BE HOMM – The Home Exchange Community for Designers and Visual Artists – “behomm is
the first site to exchange homes for vacations only for designers and visual artists! Free 1-Year Trial” behomm.com

22. STAY4FREE – 85 Countries to Select from stay4free.com

23. KIWI HOUSE SWAP – NEW ZEALAND, kiwihouseswap.co.nz

24. PROPERTY EXCHANGE NETWORX – This is more exciting for not only house swapping but also your condominium, car, boat, etc. In their own words, “Free listing! Everything YOU Need To Find Qualified People Hungry To Trade Or Exchange Your Property, Apartment Or Land Without Sacrificing Your Price Or Cash Flow”. Search by category and by trades online worldwide propertyexchangenetworx.com/trading

25. HOME AROUND THE WORLD – Perfect places to stay for gay travellers and their friends! – “Home Around the World is a long-established, gay and lesbian home swap and hospitality site, widely known for having some of the loveliest homes available for exchange and also for the friendliness of our members.” Gay Travel Stat: “Based on tourism industry data, the annual economic impact of LGBT travellers is approximately $63 billion in the US alone.” See more at homearoundtheworld.com

26. EXCLUSIVE EXCHANGES – Largest luxury home exchange! An annual fee of $399 exclusiveexchanges.com

27. SABBATICAL HOMES “Sabbatical Homes was created to serve scholars worldwide. Our founder coded the first iteration of the site in 2000 to fill a growing housing need for minds on the move. Since then, many other home rental and exchange sites have emerged. Competitors have approached us in the past looking to collaborate, but we have chosen to stay true to our mission and remain a small, advertisement-free, independently operated site. We are proud to say that Sabbatical Homes is still the leading internet-based directory for academic home exchanges, home rentals, house sitting, and sharing opportunities. And to this day, a small, dedicated team, led by the founder, keeps the operation running from California.” sabbaticalhomes.com

28. GREEN THEME INTERNATIONAL “Green Theme Home Exchange your house for a short or long period of time with someone else. Founded in 1989, we strive for an active home exchange community. You will never want to travel any other way once you have experienced a home exchange holiday. Large number of homes in England (London), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, and Italy.” gti-home-exchange.com

29. MATCHING HOUSES for disabilities “Matching Houses holiday house exchange where people with disabilities swap houses with other people who have the same accessibility needs. It’s that simple!” matchinghouses.com

30. UK HOLIDAY SWAP SHOP “No accommodation cost. Membership currently costs £19.95 per year (full price £24.95) and enables you to: List your home on our website. Contact any member to arrange a swap. Receive swap offers from other members. State your holiday preferences: dates, duration and desired destinations. Arrange as many swaps as you want in any twelve month period. Post up to three listings, at any one time, on our Seeking Swappers Forum. Qualify for featured status for your property on our homepage. List a second property on our website at no extra charge.” ukholidayswapshop.co.uk

AND MORE… Someone made a “TABLE OF HOUSE SWAPPING WEBSITES” browse at your leisure at sharetraveler.com/home-exchange/house-swapping-sortable-tables  (I must say the person is currently updating the data even if you are reading this post backwards date).

Happy house swapping in the sharing economy!

Author: Jennifer R. Baulch, The Wifepreneur Dot Com Jenn-X Graphy @ jenniferramirezbaulch.com

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