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If you have ever thought about starting or developing a travel niche podcast show, but have struggled with lack of confidence and knowledge that has to lead you to procrastination with many thoughts entering your mind.

For example, am I significant enough to offer great value compared to others in the travel podcast niche world? Will anyone listen to what I must share with the travel industry? Am I going to make a difference in the travel industry constructively?

We are all human going through life with unique human experiences. We all have emotional turns and twist on our journeys, even those who seem to be from the famous leaders and brands in the travel industry all go through struggles. Also if they do not talk about it in the name or story, they share.

The best way in life is always to start acting on things, but how do we do this with creating and producing a travel niche podcast that has so many moving parts that need to either be learned or outsourced?
It all can become so overwhelming we end up never starting this is just how the brain works for some of us it will freeze us not mutative the start button for our podcast show.

For us, I am going to share tips to help guide you how to kick-start your travel podcast into top gear from not just the knowledge we have gained but the experiences that have motivated us sharing value to travel addicts and travel fans.

Kick Start Your Travel Niche Podcast Tips.
1. Have a passion or interest in what you want to the travel fan world.
2. Livestream technology is a great way to motivate you and a source of inspiration you can learn about you and the community tribe you are building.
3. Periscope is a great place to start with the live stream. You will gain viewers very quickly; some will stick with you as you create more content for your interests connecting to them.
4. Once you build your content of your niche topic, even if you do not want to show your face but just your voice, it will help you create your confidence levels to grow.
5. Once you develop with confidence in your live streams you will establish experiences and inspiration that will help you, create a fantastic travel niche podcast.
6. As you have made content by live streaming at the moment, it has helped you to gain clarity from your experiences and with what value you want to share with your voice.
7. Podcasting we believe will now become more effortless to press the record button with the insights and experiences you have gained it will help not just a great podcast journey but minimal editing process, because of the skills you have acquired through experiencing inspirational content and value to the travel world.

If you are struggling and need a helping guide to the more profound technical and basics of podcasting, we suggest you connect with Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting and Ask The Podcast Coach. He has some both amazing free content you can take advantage of on his blogs, but we encourage you to consider taking a look at his School of Podcasting it is as if he is looking beside you guiding you step by step through the podcast processes.

Here is a link to his website The School of Podcasting https://members.schoolofpodcasting.com.
Here is a link to the website of Libsyn Podcast host which we use to take ownership of our content. https://www.libsyn.com These links are our affiliate links so if you choose to take up the offers will we receive a commission from the owners.

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