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We Review peer-to-peer SAAS travel booking platform on this edition of Fusiontourism Podcast Show.

With today’s ever-evolving technology, the way we research and book trips look drastically different to how it did a decade ago. According to Skift, 31% of hotel bookings are now transacted on mobile, and at TRVL, we see a similar trend. Another momentous change, which is linked closely to mobile, is the role of chat in people’s everyday lives. Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) messaging apps now account for 91% of app usage in the US.

Simple Summary about
What is TRVL for you? A peer-to-peer travel booking platform.
Our mission is to empower travellers.
How does it work for you?
Step 1. Your trips. When you are acting as a TRVL Agent for the people you travel with, you’re entitled to a commission.
Step 2. For others. You can also share and recommend trips to others and earn a commission when they make a booking.
Step 3. Set up shop. We give you your own customizable travel booking website with 1.4 million hotels to set up shop as a TRVL Agent.

Benefits of for your own Niche Travel Agency Location Independent As heard on Fusiontourism Podcast Show

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1. Claim your domain name and set up your TRVL website. Will help you set yourself up as a TRVL Agent and customise your TRVL website!
2. Add your Local Expertise and Travel Specialty to your profile
3. Attach Recommendations to your Favorite Hotels
4. Attach a permanent note to your favourite hotels! This way you only have to write a recommendation once. Take a moment to go over your favourite hotels and think back about why you liked them so much. Write it down and add it to the hotel. And it gets better: when you add a hotel to your favourites by tapping the heart icon in the bottom left corner, it will automatically show up as one of your favourite hotels.
5. Featured Agents are findable on TRVL’s website.
6. Agent directory to make it easier for travellers to find agents with destination expertise or specialities.
7. Analytics and ability to manage favourite hotels
8. Live chat between travellers and agents (mobile & desktop).
9. Save an additional 5-10% off your booking by booking on mobile rather than desktop
10. Any reservation you make for yourself, or others qualify for seasonal bonus and commission. To help you find the highest paying hotels, you can also use our new sort feature tab that allows you to order hotels by commission percentage.
11. One of the perks of being a TRVL Agent is that you also earn a commission on the hotels you book for yourself and the people you travel with. The commission comes off the regular rate, so TRVL Agents are consistently getting the best deals on the internet!
12. One of the perks of being a TRVL Agent is access to the lowest rates on 1.4 million hotels.

Search for travel agents and search genres (niches) Agency Homepage Heroes
Here’s a look at a few homepages, from the unique to the very creative. All of these are great showcases of how to focus on a destination expertise and to specialise in a specific type of travel. Focusing your website on a niche will significantly help distinguish yourself from the crowd and will help travellers to find you using the agent directory that we will soon launch.
• – All-round
• – Road trip
• – Off the beaten path
• – Business
• – Photography
• – Skiing & Snowboarding

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Homepage checklist To Create a Great Unique Travel Agency
• High-resolution images
• Destination expertise
• Travel speciality
• Detailed description and bio

Please contact us if you require an assistant to mastermind your travel niche agency or if you are struggling to create content and how you can have a unique travel agency.

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