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Saigon Vietnam Noodle House in Ballarat Review


If you are in Ballarat and you’re looking for Vietnamese Pho’ dishes, you don’t wanna miss this restaurant! It’s often busy that means a lot of people are attracted to the foods and their excellent service. The only problem here is where to park your car, especially during the day and sometimes at night when the city is having festivals and other tourism affairs. You may need to park your car a bit further and walk.

The other bit of humbugging is you need to pay by cash as some Asian restaurants in Australia do not use Eftpos or machine, which is inconvenient most of the time.

Here’s our favourite winter soup-escape in Ballarat when it comes to the authentic Pho’ Vietnamese cuisine dishes. We only feel having this when it is apparently cold in town. You can choose to dine in or take away. B.Y.O (wine only), although we never bring our drink when we intended to have Pho and the Vietnamese coffee. One of the best perks that come with this restaurant is the free generous hot tea served in a 1Litre thermos at every table before you sit down and wait for your order.


The entree is my hubby’s favourite and yeah I agree with him, it’s tasty!

Entree: Rice Paper Rolls with Roast Duck $10.80


Don’t be fooled by the look of that coffee – it’s powerful shot! You can smell it when you do your pee (sorry). Drink lots of water after that though. Call me weird, but I mixed my coffee with the tea to balance the sweetness in my cuppa! Maybe it’s too sweet for me, but it makes it tastier.

What am I shooting? The Vietnamese coffee we don’t want to miss. Either in hot or in cold drink of your choice.


There are four Traditional Rice Noodles to choose from but our order this time was the Special Chicken Pho for $10.80 and the Beef & Chicken Pho for $11.80. A box of tissue is a great idea and you never run out of it even for 4 people in a table from what we experienced. For a hot soup, you literally need a tissue while your nose can be runny especially at winter time.

Vietnamese Traditional Rice Noodle – Special Chicken Pho – $10.80


All set now and ready to dig in! Ah, sometimes since they are swamped by traffic they might miss to serve you this vital part of your Pho soup from one of our experiences going there maybe the 3rd or 4rth time. I just have to ask the crew without further ado & served it with a smile & apology! There are chunks of Chilli but if you cannot eat it all you can wrap it with your tissue and use it at home 🙂


It’s not Pho’ soup without the Fresh Thai Basil leaves/Sprouted Mung Beans/Chilli!


If you’ve already been there, you’re welcome to share your ratings or experience with us.

Author: JRB Blogger/Photography @ jenniferramirezbaulch.com

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