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Japanese Restaurant Kambei Review in Ballarat


Japanese Restaurant Kambei Review in Ballarat City

One of our favourite restaurants in Ballarat is either Japanese or Vietnamese before any other Asian cuisines. There are more than a couple of Japanese restaurants to choose from in Ballarat. This post is our review from our expense and not as mystery diners. Not every Japanese restaurants are the same, so you may like to try all of them and compare your experience. As we all know Japanese culture stands out when it comes to their detail presentation of everything with their foods associating it with nature and the seasons.

The only down comment at the time of our booking is their website we visited and checked what menu they offer. Whoever done their business website could not create readable fonts against a black background theme. Fonts are very tiny, and some colour red font against black is painful to read. Rest assured cutleries and chopsticks are reasonable sizes in the restaurants, thank goodness!

The restaurant is easy to locate at the roundabout corner road when you are heading towards Sovereign Hill tourism spot. There are other foods and restaurants in the same area here if you don’t need to go to the city centre. Sorry for the dark photo.

Above ordered a yummy GRILLED EEL SET for $35  – Finally our dad got his wished food a nearly “pickled eel” (he often mentions “is this pickled eels?” whenever you invite him for home-cooked meals at home). I think his order is a lot yummier than the way our Wagyu beef has been cooked.

All set for mum and mine’s birthday treat by hubby while busy Periscoping for our travel foodies audience around the world who love food and love to watch people eating live 🙂 like us! A miso soup, a side dish, rice, Wagyu Beef/Eggplant Stir Fry Set and the Grilled Eel Set.

We ordered a Wagyu Beef and Eggplant Stir Fry. It looks yummy, but it may be it was our fault for not requesting them to cook well our beef instead of medium. It was not as tender as expected. We had experienced Wagyu beef from a limited edition we bought from Aldi recently, and it was very tender and delicious meat than any other beef in the market.

Surprise dessert treats for mum and dad’s first time to taste a very refreshing Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, which is a Japanese signature in their restaurants and their Miso soups. You cannot buy as pure as this ingredient in the supermarket. You can buy only one brand available, but it compromised with other sweet ingredients that ruin the pure taste of a matcha green tea ice cream!

PROS: Water is served first while you are looking for orders. They have ample space compared to the norm in the city centre restaurants. The tea cup is served without a teapot, but when we asked for a second refill, they did not charge our second one from the receipt. Food and service are great.

CONS: Need maybe to make their website font a bit larger against the black theme background. Maybe they should ask if customers want their beef meat “well-cook, medium or rare”.

Here’s their contact card or check their website for any update:

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