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What can you do in 28 days travelling around Tasmania?

Our 28 Days Travel Photo Highlights in Tasmania Wilderness

What to do in 28 days around Tasmania? Endless. Overwhelm. Too many to browse. If you want to browse first the whole island like us, then we can go travel back one day and narrow it down to a particular place for better immersion.

Nature’s calling for God’s nature lovers! Buckle up and let’s go together on this new set of adventure for all the nature lovers. Every person’s trip is unique. We could not copy and paste someone’s itinerary, but we can use them as a compass, for rates comparison, then now, and travel guide updates. If you connect to local people’s tips and hints, you can discover their beautiful secret destination that not every tourist could not be bothered to go rather for curious travellers. Let the images speak the highlights of our Tasmania Travel story. We all knew there is more adventurous than a photo itself, but we are glad to live in the digital era where our nomadic instinct compelled us to record our journey by a click of a button.

To go to Tasmania, you can either choose to fly or by the current two ferries. On this trip, we opt to take our vehicle with us and travel through the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. There are toilets provided at Port Melbourne while patiently waiting for the long lines of cars getting on board unless you have your caravan (trailer) with you. The photos are a summary of our adventure travelled as a couple to Tasmania wilderness. The details of our trips are within our blog posts when you search them from our archive in 2015. Honestly, there are lots of highlights of the day as we travelled to many and between destinations, but I will try to squeeze something.

  1. THE NEW SPIRIT OF TASMANIA II – The ferry delicious Tassie salmon for our first dinner before we get our rest and safely see the daylight next day at Devonport Tasmania. Before or after you order your meal from the ferry kitchen, you can buy your drink from their small canteen from different local and some import range of drinks (including organic) beside the bar.

2. Good morning Tassie! Sunrise arrival at EAST DEVONPORT TASMANIA. Did we sleep well? Not really but we don’t mind as we are on a holiday trip. A bit of a seasick effect, unfortunately, until I discover a way to combat it by sleeping on a nearly sitting position in bed. The town does not look busy at all. Expect fewer choices of breakfast shops that open early in the morning at Devonport.

3. MERSEY BLUFF LIGHTHOUSE, BURNIE sunset – So many photos to highlights, these spectacular sun setting rays are on a show! While we were just watching, sitting and waiting for the sunset, a wildlife Wallaby pops up eating the wild flora very close to us. The native vegetation here smells like fresh garlic.

4. MERSEY BLUFF LIGHTHOUSE, BURNIE walking track – the lighthouse from this view where we hiked from the top to bottom of the seashore then back. We came back the next day here just to relax and enjoy the fresh air scenery.

5. WILFRED, CAMPBELL LOOKOUT – there is more than one lookout, but we tried this first. If we had more time, we could have visited the other lookout, but if not, hopefully, some other time to scour this place. 🙂

6. TABLE CAPE and LIGHTHOUSE, WYNYARD – the tulip farm in Tasmania but we’re too early to visit when the blooming still starting even the tulip shop was closed during that day preparing for their upcoming spring festival. Wynyard town will have their Spring Tulip Festival in about two weeks after our visit, so we just have to miss that and move on. No public toilet here the time we visited. Hopefully, they install it by now; please let us know.

7. THE NUT, STANLEY – At the end of the horizon you can see The Nut of Stanley town, and that is where we are heading for this trip. The Nut is one of Tasmania’s tourist destinations where you can climb the top or hire a Chairlift for 360 views of townships. We did not book our accommodation there but rather in Smithton for a night.

8. THE EDGE OF THE WORLD via ARTHUR RIVER – On the North West Coast Tasmania wilderness you cannot miss to drop by. You are looking at the Indian Ocean. It’s relaxing to walk here at the right season; there are walking tracks, BBQ/picnic area provided and of course the public toilet.

9. The CRADLE MOUNTAIN & LAKE ST CLAIR NATIONAL PARK– we decided to go back to Somerset near Burnie town as our point of destination and accommodation to visit the Cradle Mountain although it was not on our itinerary plan. These mountain ranges are part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and the lake is the deepest in Australia. It offers a wealth of walking tracks and many adventure activities once you reach here. You can just plan and visit this alone for your holiday instead of driving around Tasmania yet, as your one of the best options. Highly recommended! You can plan ahead to book an accommodation online at the Cradle Mountain lodges there if you want or at the nearby towns. You will enjoy the wildlife at dawn and dusk when they all coming out and feed on the flora around.

10. QUEENSTOWN – one of Tasmania’s wilderness travel route and a famous mining town. It looks like a ghost town due to mining exploitation but has a hidden beauty in it in a lot of ways.  They are trying to reforest part of the mountain after some old generations reckoned leaving the picturesque mountain’s bald attracts tourism. The West Coast Wilderness Railway tour is just one of the attractions. Go there and find out, you’ll be surprised!

11. FRANKLIN – GORDON WORLD’S HERITAGE AREA – From Queenstown long way driving to Hobart, we passed by this attraction along the highway. The bush has an excellent toilet and a picnic area where you can have a rest and carry on travel. If you have extra time, why not explore to Nelson Falls?

12. Hello HOBART, here we come! Greeted by a cloudy a spectacular sunset as we head towards our accommodation for next five days check-in. One day long drive from Queenstown to Hobart.

13. ROYAL TASMANIAN BOTANICAL GARDEN – You don’t wanna miss this tourist attraction in Hobart even if you are not into gardening. The royal garden is a huge area to walk around and picnic there. Don’t forget to get inside the SUB-ANTARTIC PLANT HOUSE where you can feel the cold of the Antartica, hear the sounds of the Penguins and smell the real plants from right Down Under South. “I was looking for the Subterranean plants but may be treacherous to snip them”, I pondered.

14. HUONVILLE – drive out to the beautiful Huon Valley where you can bump into yummy local produce along the roads and enjoy the trip! It’s Huon Valley Visitor Centre and gift shop. This souvenir shop is where we bought some Tasmanian Manuka Honey, other honey variety and dollop taste them all before you buy.

15. MT. WELLINGTON, TASMANIA or “KUNANYI” – spring is one the perfect seasons after winter to drive up there. You can still enjoy a patch of melting snow and freezing breeze up the pinnacle view. Warning, it could be freezing and windy up there but enjoyable to see the mountain ranges and Hobart City from above. Many tourists and travellers up visit here. Just be warned with some speeding drivers up the very narrow road, what a shame.

16.  7 MILE BEACH, CAMBRIDGE – For curiosity, we head to this beach, see how it looks like and enjoy the moment. No seven or many tourists, travellers or locals are in there only a few walking with their dogs while we hang out there relaxing before sunset glow over the cloudy horizon shows up for the camera action! You can watch the jets passing over the sky since the Hobart airport is located near here.

17. PORT ARTHUR – You should never miss this place, highly recommended for Australia’s history and educational tour. You will have the perk of observing the beautiful Fairy Penguins in the wild from another part of the wilderness beaches depending what season you travel there. Along the highway, you may visit the Tasmanian Devils in one of Tasmania’s sanctuaries and an artisan Chocolate Factory. You need at least two days minimum just for Port Arthur educational tour if you want to go for small cruising after learning all the convicts ruin building on the historic site. Two days not enough if you want to explore after Port Arthur itinerary. No Optus WIFI signal here so we were unable to live stream on Periscope.

18. TASMANIAN DEVIL UNZOO, TARANA – While at Port Arthur, we visited the Tasmanian Devil sanctuary at the Unzoo. The wildlife at the Unzoo is kept for treatment before they will release them back to the wild especially the Tassie Devils. The educational tour guide keeps you great in-depth information about all the wildlife after paying at the entry/souvenir shop. The artisan CHOCOLATE FACTORY is close by from the Unzoo. Sorry for our Periscope live stream community if you miss the Tassie Devils, our Optus WIFI does not work here except maybe Telstra. Wherever we go, our Periscope community wanting to see Tassie Devils in action.

19. SWANSEA, TASMANIA – you will notice that most of the town names originated from the United Kingdom. On our 19th day, we check out from one of the Port Arthur- Tarana’s accommodations; we are checking in one of Swansea’s accommodations as we arrived there in the afternoon. Swansea was our point of destination for three nights stay. From the travel left direction photo, there are many beautiful beaches and sceneries here to explore or enjoy. Like any other wilderness small towns, always have back up food with you if you happen to arrive late in the afternoon and all the food shops are closed. This beach town is quiet, but that’s what you needed if you want to relax.

20. SWANSEA to BICHENO BLOWHOLE – Today, we check out from Swansea Motor Inn and check-in into another accommodation where we can cook our food. We travel to BICHENO to see the BLOWHOLE. The sea water sounds growling before it blows up the hole. You can go close to it and have a shower! It’s only blowing this less when on our visit unlike others they’re able to get big blows.


21. COLES BAY and FREYCINET NATIONAL PARK – Trying to squeeze these wilderness destinations in one day is a hard choice. You’ve just got to enjoy what you can achieve in a day and leave the rest for plan trips. You will reach COLES BAY for loo before you head off to FREYCINET. Always be careful of wildlife crossing while driving. Details of this place are in other blog posts whenever we can post. Just check them out.

22. ST HELENS – From the sea level to the mountain, we are heading to St Helens. Today’s point of destination is at the top of the mountain where we check-in for two nights stays. In a couple of days, we can drive to the beaches and explore what the East Coast in store for us this adventure. Slow speeding if you drive up through the narrow one-way route, which we did.

23. BINALONG BAY and BAY OF FIRES, ST HELENS TASMANIA – The Distinctive contrast of rocky beaches and a surprising portion of WHITE BEACH sands at the seashores. The photo below is at Binalong Bay for more details of the White Beach; you may check out our other blog content when available.

24. LAUNCESTON – today we’re heading towards North-west of Tasmania in Launceston driving from St Helens wilderness. We will spend our last few days here before we head back to Devonport.

25. TAMAR VALLEY – our relaxing day at Aspect Tamar Valley Resort that we have booked in via Luxury Escapes online a great deal. One of our best accommodations in Tassie. Although, not all accommodation we stayed was booked through Luxury Escapes as we like to try different services online. Our free personal reviews of our travel accommodations will be posted on our blog posts when available. Just check them out.

26. BEACONSFIELD – after we rested for a day, we headed west of Tamar to visit the former gold mining town in the north-east of Tasmania. You drive pass by different wineries and the Beauty Point beach. Watch out smokers; you’re entering a danger zone at Beaconsfield.

27. EAST DEVONPORT – we have checked out today from Aspect Tamar Valley Resort and drove to East Devonport to board in the Spirit of Tasmania ferry tonight. All vehicles will line up patiently as all get aboard in the ship. Big trucks first, followed by all other small cars and vans. Tonight we are sailing through the Bass Strait from here to Port Melbourne or the mainland of Australia “as the Tassie Islander people calls it”.

28. THE NEW SPIRIT OF TASMANIA I – Well, 28 days seemed that long but too short to miss other beautiful nature’s wonder to see. The end of the journey did not end here, but everything has a start and continues the journey! We are now driving out from the Spirit of Tasmania I here at Port Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Great to experience both the newly updated ferries when we went and back.

Hooroo until next time, Tasmania. We had a great time and experience the natural attractions of the wilderness, indeed! Thank God, we are alive in one piece to be home. We can’t wait to be back, one day!

Author/Photography: Jennifer R Baulch @ jenniferramirezbaulch.com



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