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Mr Rice Asian Cuisine Review in Ballarat


Mr Rice Asian Cuisine Review in Ballarat

One of the perks of a home chef wife is to be treated on her birthday for all the different local cuisines when we can; we would try one for lunch and another one for dinner depending on our shift work mode. We do not eat much outside as I love to cook our food at home or even when we travel. Sometimes we go out to review different local foods and restaurants out there. We explore more Asian foods because we like some chilli foods with some rice and I am Asian. Asian foods with rice may look similar, but there are distinctions if you want to try each of them.

Mr Rice Asian, here we come. If you love or like to explore tea in a pot, you can’t get passed this restaurant in Ballarat. But if you like one cup without a teapot, go somewhere else and pay more.

Hubby’s in the mood to photoshoot his wifey…

This restaurant serves three cuisines Thai, Malaysian and Chinese in one for all the adventurous taste buds out there! There are more Thai restaurants in the same street if not the whole Ballarat after Chinese and Japanese restaurants.

A Malaysian Curry Chicken – hmmm it was beautiful and hot enjoyed by hubby!

Be careful, unless you are starving you won’t be able to finish this platter for two people only, but you’re allowed to take home whatever you may not have eaten. Each menu we ordered can feed 1 to 4 persons, we’re surprised! It’s Asian style!

Opps sorry, no light flash from my side against the bright light outside…bhubby looks full now or waiting for food?

Just to let you know, we are not a paid mystery diners. You may check out our rating below. If you have tried this place, you’re welcome to share. If you’re looking for “food and restaurant in Ballarat” you just google it and all the google streets and Google user ratings show up.


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