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Ballarat Begonia Festival Autumn 2017

Welcome to Ballarat Begonia Festival 2017!

One of the Australia’s oldest festivals began in 1953 coincides with the early month of autumn March in the southern hemisphere. The recent years festival features the World’s Largest LEGO Begonia Flower display. The festival is changing designs and plans over the years, but one thing they have for sure are different foods for foodies, plenty of entertainments for all locals, tourists and travellers around the world. It is free entry so you can spend it on your favourite kinds of stuff or handcrafts, coffee/tea drinks, some music, foods, plants to take home with you and more activities under the sun. There are parades for local activities involvements although the festival days were shortened from the past years. You can also enjoy photography around the hundreds of large colourful Begonia flowers at the Robert Clark Conservatory. You can visit their website at ballaratbegoniafestival.com for more information and programs they may have before the annual event again.

Enjoy a free ride of the Trams offered during Begonia festival other than that you may pay donation depending on the regular price offer while you are in Ballarat for any other days unless stated.


One of the Ballarat’s oldest Mom’s and Pop’s mobile businesses Tramcar Ice Cream Co. parked in front of Lake Wendouree (opposite of the Botanical Garden) since recently, joined by Donuts/Drinks for the festival.


For coffee lovers and sweet tooth! How cute and attractive to try their goodies! There are many different small, stylish caravan mobile businesses alike around the Botanical Garden of the Begonia Festival only.


Handmade and Craft products booth and much more around. I was just careful taking shots in public with too many people…


One of the highlights of the gardening display was this Arborsculpture by Wirehand Design. These plants arts sculpturing dated back from the 1980’s and 1990’s if you check the ID.


There is often something for everyone young and older enthusiasts for the whole weekend only. The festival was used to be two weeks years ago. Anyhow you may go from town to town these days as there is often farmer’s market (organic produce too), different sort of town’s festival, crafts market, vintage steam rally, etc. around Victoria and the whole Australia.


My favourite design so far comparing from the past especially the empty ceilings before with few hanging Begonia flowers but now they incorporate it with Asian lanterns brilliantly! You get the perks of photo shooting selfies amongst the Begonia flowers at the Conservatory. Unfortunately, they are closing too soon when we came in arvo time. They should have this open a little longer for shift workers that unable to smell the flowers! Oh well, maybe one day, there would be night festival and not leave it for Ghost Tours only at night offer in the tourism industry around.

Yes, Ballarat does have ghost tours although not our thing, but for those who loves it, you may visit their website at Eerie Tours Ballarat. Ballarat City often got something all-year round when you come to visit in town and neighbouring little towns for a budget or luxurious indulging weekends or weekdays. If you cannot ask locals, go to the Ballarat Information tourism centre at the city, and they will give you free brochures where to go beyond Ballarat city’s local secrets destination for all travellers and tourists.

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