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What are the Online Digital Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurial Opportunities?


4 Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of common FAQs we have sourced from people of all different backgrounds. All of them we discovered to have a common thread to their amazing questions, and we found they are all very passionate and curious how they could launch out in the wild west of the digital online disruption taking effect within the travel and tourism industries.

1. What kind of entrepreneurial things could l consider online in digital travel and tourism niches?
You may like to consider looking at working as a digital nomad, online digital freelancer, travel or tourism blogger, coaching or consulting, digital tour guide, digital online travel or tourism assistant and you may consider branching out to a role in a digital travel or tourism start-up venture.

2. What is a digital nomad all about?
Digital nomads have mostly defined that term because they have the freedom of location independence with a little effort to move on their life journey from one place to another. Digital nomads are in every type of industry. Simply they are people who have decided to work from a location of their choice. Can mean to stay in one place for an extended period, or to travel the globe at their pace and timing frequency.

3. What is a digital travel or tourism blogger?
Blogging within digital travel or tourism niches can vary dramatically. Depend on your core passion values, life experiences, skills, and talents. But of course, the general theme is to create valuable content using either written, images, video, audio, or combining these multimedia experiences to create high-quality content within a travel or tourism niche on a CMS (content management system) example WordPress.

4. What are some of the most common ways l can bootstrap or side hustle an income towards becoming a full-time online digital travel and tourism entrepreneur?
You could use UpWork, Odesk, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Airtasker platforms to gain freelance work. You could set up a website promoting coaching or consulting skills you have for hire. You could develop and create high-quality content marketing around an affiliate product or service; many affiliate platforms offer you the opportunity to promote travel and tourism goods and services. Thepennyhoarder.com is a great website that may give you some unique ideas, how to make further income but primarily we desire you to develop your unique value in the marketplace.

Mostly these top 4 frequently asked questions we hope will inspire you and allow some own creative juices to flow for your unique mission, value and flair to shine in the world. So do not be afraid to take bits of ideas from each of the answers and most important do not be scared to share your questions in the comments box. We love to hear your personal answers, even if you think it may be too simple or common to ask. Sometimes you help us build upon a reply to the question to give a more insightful and clear answer than we may have done in the past.

Author: Brian A. Baulch – Entrepreneur, Int’l Best Selling Author, Certified Life Coach & Consultant in the travel tourism small business industry & keen travellers.

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