7 Ways to Start Creating a Travel Income Opportunities for Every Travel Addict

7 Ways to Start Creating a Travel Income Opportunities for Every Travel Addict

Our Quick Thoughts on Travel Income Streams

It is certainly amazing what opportunities we can leverage our time, passion, talent and skills either to take a short break or even a long-term travel journey. But like most of us, it can seem hard to know how we can start to make an income online that we can use for our travel plans other than our job income.

To start your creative juices to flow we have gathered a list of 7 simple ways to can start a possible income stream from:

1. Selling Items on eBay – For selling items that are small, high valued, specifically if they are unique, eBay is an excellent place to advertise.

2. Selling your Homemade CraftsEtsy could be one of the best sites to market if you can make homemade crafts. You could have a continuous cash source from the site if making crafts are an ongoing hobby and passion. You can also integrate your Instagram account on this with your handmade crafts even if you have no website created yet you can link your Etsy account shop.

3. House Sitting – People might need someone to watch their homes for a fee, especially those who travel frequently and on a long-term basis. You can have a look at local newspapers, Gumtree.com and Craigslist ads for these types of offers. MindAHome.com can provide an online source of clients if you’d like to use a central site.

4. Selling Photos on Shutterstock – If you want to sell your photos online for a fee. Shutterstock.com is a huge site that helps you to do it. It functions something like eBay for photos and it’s a central place to sell your photos.

5. Gigwalk – Gigwalk.com involves picking up menus, taking photos and various other small assignments in your area. It also works on an app that let you download onto your phone. You could receive the job orders, accept and confirm that the job is already been completed.

6. TaskRabbit – This is similar to Gigwalk only that, you could likewise access the assignments online, as well as by a phone app. TaskRabbit is limited only to a few cities. So please check if available in your city or country. If you are in Australia you can try out Airtasker.com it is a similar alternative platform for the online and offline task to be done.

7. Mechanical Turk – Mechanical Turk mturk.com pays a couple of dollars per assignment, generally involves work such as writing product reviews, editing and related tasks. This also works-at-home setup and it is part of Amazon.com.

Our Epic Conclusion
Please do note this is just a general guide list of possible income source. We want to encourage you to live out your travel journey from your deep core values within. We desire you to live long-term your passion travel journey through every moments, experiences and relationships you develop that they will pass the process of the journey align with your inner core values. Please keep this in mind as you go over the 7 ways to build a travel income.

For those digital nomads out there, please share your link if you are looking for applicants advertising travel-nomads-to-be how to fund their travel besides our list given above.

Resource links: Ebay.com, Etsy.com, Gumtree.com.au, Gumtree.com, Craigslist.com, Mindahome.com, Shutterstock.com, Gigwalk.com, Taskrabbit.com, Airtasker.com, Mturk.com

Author: Brian A. Baulch – Entrepreneur, Int’l Best Selling Author, Certified Life Coach & Consultant in the travel tourism small business industry & keen travellers.

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