10 Weirdly Popular Travel Questions

Do you ponder all of the life’s weird questions or do you find it easier to press madly down on your keys and let Google do the thinking? Are you planning to travel to Westeros and meet Khaleesi’s army at Blackwater Bay? Could you see yourself adventuring to North Korea for your next getaway, but just don’t know how or if it is possible? Do you want to be one of the few people to travel to outer space, or is getting your sneaky bottle of red on the plane more important? Honestly, these are all questions we mull over but never get the answers too!

Personally, I’m less of a realist and more of an “I want it all” kind of person. I have zero desire to travel without a passport, or stay in an underwater hotel. But, I have every desire to go back in time and take back my decision to work rather than travel 24/7. I also want to know if I can travel faster than the speed of light, or fly? Ah, that would be the life. Could you imagine how many countries, wait, planets, you could visit if you could travel at the speed of light!

Although dreaming about all of these possibilities is wonderful, maybe it’s time we all got the answers to the weirdest travel questions asked on Google. Although we all know there could be 1000’s this infographic has culled it down to 10. Enjoy!

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10 Weirdly Popular Travel Questions Infographic
Fusiontourism Note:
You may click on the infographic to read it clearly. What an interesting research presented in the infographic above shared to us by Liam Barrett with his written introduction via webjet.com.au. May we know more weird questions you have been secretly searching online related to travel and tourism, or which one of those you might have asked from Google? 🙂

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