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10 Philippines Travel Tips

Travel tips and tricks when you are going to the Philippines.

This video created using Powtoon video animation. You can either use Powtoon service for free or become a paid member. We do have paid membership, but this is a sample by only using the free version.

Travelling in the Philippines may bring you challenge when it is chaotic especially in Manila, but if you plan to go outside Manila or the countryside, you will enjoy the beach, the mountainside, exotic foods, international cuisines and the Philippines seasonal fruits. I was born in the Philippines, so I know what I am talking about for your travel safety. I live overseas and travelling back at home sometimes we struggle with our immune system against pathogens adapting in another environment.

We have gathered these personal tips by testing Powtoon animation video at the same time. This post a few years back, but the travel tips still relevant today especially for the nomadic travellers and tourists around the globe or just having a holiday for the first time!

  1. Bring your sunscreen lotion (coconut oil-based) to use it often under the sun, umbrella or hats rain or shine. Using umbrella sunscreen lotions are both needed unless you have more naturally tan skin. Australia does encourage this as number one during our summer due to skin cancer and deaths cause statistics related.
  2. Bring your natural mosquito repellent lotion especially if you are travelling to the tropical islands. You can also buy it from your city destinations as this often available maybe not from the small Sari-Sari Store (Mix-Mix Pinoy small shop) by the street or roads.
  3. Use a discreet bag for your laptop and your other gadgets too. Heard of being snatched? Yes, this happened from a friend of ours at Manila airport. Be alert wherever you are.
  4. At all times watch for those porters who would shockingly grab your luggage from your back (our personal experience). Porters should wear ID if they are close by transportation stations. Some may ask more than tips they deserve just by carrying your luggage from just 4 metres away literally! Not all parts do, but this depends on where you are heading. I wished our tourism and travel in the Philippines are not as chaotic as it may sound but due to our personal experiences, we wanted to share.
  5. Tip your money when necessary not on everything. It is rude to tip in Japan but in the Philippines to tip not for a service can be rude like if you need your hair cut. The Philippines is usually adopting the USA lifestyle including their western foods, you know 🙂 If you are having your dental or medical treatment, usually do not need to tip this service because you are paying the standard cost locally and they gain your trust to go back to them once again. If you know, someone in the Philippines better get a referral if you needed any dental or medical treatment. (You can ask us if you are heading to Baguio City).
  6. If you love coconut juice, Philippines can provide you fresh from the coconut tree! It quenches your thirst quickly and very refreshing! Remember to carry with you a pocket tissue because not every toilet will provide this.
  7. Use bottled water at all times if you easily get gastro problem!
  8. Travel pillow comes in very handy in your travel kit. Or you may travel out of your comfort zone!
  9. Don’t forget your anti-DVT compression flight socks if your legs are prone to this. Sometimes, you may not have experienced it before in your flight, but later it may trigger.
  10. Ask for a discount if you are shopping from any souvenirs shop. They usually do 🙂

There are more tips we can share with you next time. Please travel safe and be part of any advocacy against any human trafficking, drug and sex trafficking!

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