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Travel Tasmania Free Wifi Review


Travel Tasmania Free Wifi Review

Sharing our personal travel free wifi review when we sailed to Tasmania in 2015 for digital nomads and live streaming. Expect Tasmania still got wilderness parts when you travel even if you use the stronger portable wifi with you. Of course, if you are not much of a digital nomad, you do not need to worry about wifi rather enjoy the sceneries, wilderness lifestyle, mountaineering and your fishing adventure.

Reviews are not in list order, just an awareness:

  1. Buy the stronger portable wifi with you; Telstra is best recommended than Optus and Vodafone. Best deal offer sometimes where to buy your portable wifi is in Australia Post shops.
  2. We have used both Optus on our mobile phone while we use the portable wifi of Telstra on our laptop.
  3. Do not rely on public free wifi alone even those free wifi offered in most accommodations is not adamant for even browsing or uploading photos on Instagram or Facebook neither alone your blog.
  4. You would expect Hobart got the strongest wifi connection, but it was ironically slow.
  5. Queenstown to our surprise got the most reliable wifi compared to the non-wilderness part of Tasmania offered free in our accommodation!
  6. Another ironic part where wifi is more reliable than Hobart is at the mountaintop of St. Mary’s Tasmania in our accommodation at Purple Possum Cafe cottage!
  7. Most of the tourist destinations in Tasmania, Optus wifi, is not reliable for live-streaming.
  8. We were hoping that Optus wifi is good at Port Arthur but unfortunately not.
  9. Some of our audience suggested to upload them online later and live-stream them from there. We guess, better than nothing especially when your audience wanting to see the Tasmanian Devils in the wild!

For those who travel to Tasmania recently, please share your experience regarding wifis.

Nomads will always be nomads, so enjoy and be safe on your journey! 🙂

Author: @jenniferramirezbaulch.com


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