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Day-6 Wynyard Town in Tasmania Known For Its Table Cape Tulip Farm

Where is Wynyard?

The north-west coast of Launceston and Hobart. It sandwiches between Devonport and Stanley.

If you notice this photo taken from Burnie City earlier in the blog post, you can see a flat table at the background horizon. That’s where the Waratah-Wynyard town and the famous Table Cape lookout, Lighthouse and a tulip farm. Either Burnie or Somerset beaches side where you can take pictures of this background.

Burnie City beach @ Fusiontourism.com

Not the usual thing we do, but we are again too early for the party! There will be a Tulip Farm Festival in Wynyard, Waratah town next week while we came here for our first visit to the farm and the lookout. You can see the Tulips are not yet in full bloom. We could only appreciate what we know and learn from this beautiful side of Tasmania. We won’t be able to attend the festival because sometimes nobody is 100% tourist and a traveler at the same time!


The tulip bulbs from this Table Cape farm in Tasmania are exported to Holland?

Table Cape, Wynyard Tasmania @ Fusiontourism.com

Standing from the Table Cape Lookout to the right side of the photo below shows from coast to coast surrounding towns stretched towards Somerset, Burnie City to Devonport or beyond!

What can you see from the lookout on a great clear day from the mouth of the river  and through the inland horizon?

  • 170 meters above Bass Strait
  • 90 km to the east visible is Low Head at the mouth of the Tamar River
  • 1107 m is St Valentines Peak mountain and some 45 km to the south are visible
  • 1339m is Black Bluff mountain
  • 1234m is Mount Roland
  • from the Table Cape Lookout offers a 30 minute walk return to the Historical Lighthouse and a track formed at the edge of the cape navigating through a small but dazzling waterfall!
Table Cape Lookout – September 2015 at Fusiontourism.com

Yeah, the Chinese bus tourists and van come and go while we were staying here until sunset live streaming. A lot of Chinese tourists we have seen around Tasmania they just quickly have selfie, groupie and then gone to their next destinations either by bus or small cars touring. We brought our food and have a hot water maker plugin in the car to make our hot drink when we needed. From the photo, you can see mounds of mountains in the background. Don’t you worry, if you want to know all their names the Table Cape has all the information you need!

Table Cape Lighthouse via fusiontourism.com


At Table Cape Lighthouse – again the bus of Chinese tourists & others local tourists already gone quick so all to ourselves 🙂


What a Table for sure! Let’s eat them tulips!


Table Cape Lighthouse – I told you we’ll be here until sunset and the Lighthouse enlightened!


Not all tourism attraction has public toilet & this is one of them! OK for men but for women…hmmm… Not sure though if there’s toilet at the Table Cape Tulip Farm Shop which was closed for the day, unfortunately.


Table Cape and Lighthouse sunset reflection from the side opposite. Better for photo on this horizon than the actual sunset.


It was a great day adventuring from Wynyard Waratah town! We do hope, they gonna install a public toilet here since the town is a bit far for driving. Please let us know if there is already 🙂 Thank you!

Although we gonna miss the Tulip Farm festival next week from our visit but it was still worth it!

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