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Day-3 Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, Devonport

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, Devonport

Day-3 highlights our journey around Devonport before we drive to Burnie later in the day. Day-2 we visited Mersey Bluff already to watch the sneaky cloudy sunset and periscope it the first time. There were some locals came to get the photo shoot with the sunset, and also some travellers and tourists come and go while we stayed longer.

mersey bluff lighthouseLet’s find out those dolerite volcanic rocks here at Mersey Bluff area at the mouth of Mersey River towards the Bass Strait. Walking and hiking area from the lighthouse to the beach and back to the car park. Observe the hiking notice board guide before walking for your safety.

dolerite rocksA rather cloudy day, ideal for walking on the track and watching some ships, boats pass by the sea. Observing what kind of rocks in this particular area and looking for wildlife coming out especially the nocturnal. Beautiful spring day to relax and laid back with Tasmanian culture! 🙂

P1050156Is this a Kangaroo or a Wallaby? Since it has shorter legs and darker colour of hairs with different colours, therefore it is a Wallaby mate. Wallaby was occupied eating that flora garlic smell the grass and other bushes it can find around the ragged ocean edge.

P1050226Someone’s flashing the lights with upward style! While we are waiting and watching the sun sets on the horizon; we realised some locals drive here with their friends and quickly take photos of the sunset as their background too! You know those thin apple tablet then you can become freelance traveller to take pictures for them on the spot especially if they see you wearing your camera gear. 🙂

P1050181Ending the day with the penetrating sunset in different flashing down lights position from the heavens above thicken cloud forming a silver lining over the ocean.

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Author/Photography: Jennifer R Baulch @ www.jenniferramirezbaulch.com

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