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Conrad’s Cafe and Grille Review

Conrad’s Cafe and Grille Review located at Pasay Domestic Rd Domestic Airport, Pasay, Philippines

Our personal review story is travelling within Manila chaotic traffic.

melon juice

The night we landed at Manila airport we were heading to our AirBnb accommodation within Pasay City Manila area, which we had booked in online when we were in Australia. Unfortunately, we were detouring drive around due to the current busy construction of the flyover roads towards NAIA airport in 2014, so we lost our way and ended up at this restaurant. Sometimes, you cannot be a fuss over food trying to drive around Manila searching for restaurants when we were all starving at the same time catching our appointment. Surprisingly with lack awareness of our map, our accommodation we booked in through AirBnb in Pasay City was just close to this resto, so that was a great relief indeed! We were able to relax a bit and wait for our food. πŸ™‚

You know that look when your driver and man muscle navigation are both hungry, right? Our brothers Jeff & Pex who came to pick us from Manila (first-time experience to drive in Metro). An interesting fact is, while they travel from province to Manila Airport for 5 to 8 hours (depending with Manila traffic jam) to pick us up. We also drive to Melbourne Airport from our city for an hour to the airport plus 8 hours of flights from Melbourne to Manila so that gives us both party almost similar hours towards our first destination.


This young man on above photo markets himself to be fusiontourism #muscle model πŸ™‚


Waiting a bit while of our food orders, nearly everyone sipping their drinks sooner. Showing you space inside of this restaurant if you are passing by or trap on a traffic jam and hungry. Don’t be surprised watching Filipino TV in public; they loved their basketball as Aussies loved their footy!


Manage to smile while hungry and lack of sleep πŸ™‚


Finally, Filipino food served of their Conrad’s Grill special! Wow, glad all the boys enjoyed the food, no matter how appetising the food was, my appetite struggled due to my first-time worst experience from a flight travel turbulence effect ever! I wished, there should be a balance of vegetables with their grilled meats and grilled fish.

Food Review: Conrad’s Grill, Pasay City

Single Inihaw Grande (suitable for four persons) – P985.00 (Au$26),

4 Plain Rice P220 (Au$6),

2 Bottomless Ice Tea P170 (Au$5),

2 Melon Shake P190 (Au$5),

Single Puto Bumbong P115 (Au$ 115) with a Service Charged P150.02 (Au$4)

TOTAL of P1,830 (AU$48) for four persons

For the main course, which is the Inihaw Grande was cooked well and taste great! The only downside is, it is smaller served quantity than what you expected from its cost. It did feed us all right, but if this would have been a typical day, I reckon we need more served if I was not feeling sick or more than jet lagged.

Overall, customer service is excellent and have a security guard.

Link to us your food blog travel review around Pasay City area of Manila if you’re reading this blog.

Happy travel and food review for all weary travellers out there!


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