The Life Of A Digital Nomad [Infographic]

The is a life of a digital nomad infographic. What is a digital nomad and how to live one? The transformation of economy and recessions with wired technology around the world affects individual life and family that accelerate one’s innovative and ingenuity to search the greener side of life in today’s world.

One of this individuals are the rising nomadic tribes using their skills and professions while they choose expatriate life or travel around the world working on their skills and get paid for the services they offer. employment. On the other hand, while the West economy is vulnerable losing jobs work are being outsourced to the developing countries to save and cut the businesses upfront costs, this creates an opportunity to soar above the norms of western life called “nomadic life”. It may be luxury life as it may sound when the word “travel” pops up but every wandering story has the individual unique lifestyle to share on the digital blogging age. Trading and discerning every opportunity that rises and grabs hold of it. Nomadic life is not for the faint-hearted. We are going back to our primaeval or basics of hunting and gathering modernising the word “nomad traveller” into “digital nomad traveller”.  Here is an infographic how to be a nomadic life yourself. If you are a nomadic yourself, we welcome you to share your story here at Fusiontourism community.

The Life of Digital Nomad FT



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