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Tourist vs. Traveler Infographic

Tourist vs. Traveler infographic presented by landoftravel.com has been one of the arguments of all time among peregrinators and tourists. The infographic below may ask you directly if you are really a tourist or a traveler.

Do you observe or immerse yourself when you travel locally or internationally?

Do you blend in or just stick to your ritual…?

Are you curious to explore the culture setting or complain instead?

Do you observe the cultural norms or just do not care where you travel?

Are goal setting achievable, flexible and enjoyable or just limited to your travel plan or itinerary?

How strong are your memories when you get home after your travel or you just happy you would have brought the best souvenir ever you had?

How much value you take and learn from your local or international travel? Is there any change of perspective, any life re-framing stirred up for better planning ahead of your life or just the same “old me” and “old suitcase”?

traveler vs tourist

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  1. This is so prejudiced and stereotypical that it’s worth very little. Most who travel aren’t near any of these sides. You will find a’holes in both camps. Who hasn’t met a traveller drowning in booze in Bangkok or a tourist with profound interest in present-day monastic life in Chiang Mai?

    1. @Sandalsand Your opinion is more than welcome but the infographic could make sense for those who take “tourism” for granted. Thank you for bringing your value to the travel-sharing-economy and continue to give light to where travel and tourism who take it for granted to make the difference in each unique culture and hosts.

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