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Quotes to Pack on Travel [Infographic]

The quotes are selected via GoodReads.com  to contemplate and discuss regarding travel and tourism. What a tourist and a traveller shared in common or what is the difference between a traveller and a tourist. Intriguing to observe on Pinterest and other social media posts that it can become a tenable argument. To resolve that quandary, what do you think?

“The argument if you are a traveller or a tourist is resolved! You are both a traveller and a tourist because even a 99.9% traveller admits at least 1% tourist within.” by fusiontourism.com


“Learn from the other tribes in the Philippines; you have to eat or taste what the locals foods offer but eat not too much from one home if you are travelling in remote places where every home offers food as their hospitality in one day.” ~By Fusiontourism.com

“The perspective of others should not trap a traveller or a tourist to discover and travel to that place where the beauty lies you are about to discover. Travel reviews are great but why not write your reviews?” ~By fusiontourism.com

“Our operating system needs update and reboot so do we as a weary traveler… unplug and recharge and we can become effective on our mission journey.” ~By Fusiontourism.com

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