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Hamilton Hume Motor Inn Accommodation Review

Hamilton Hume Motor Inn accommodation review by FusionTourism. This accommodation review is about the pros and cons of a particular motel we have stayed. We have to post a link this through our blog to make sure this is genuine review awareness and not being paid for it either.

Date of stay: June 2013
HamHamilton Hume Motor Inn
9 Laidlaw Street Yass NSW 2582

We’re travelling from Ballarat, Victoria reroutes to Bendigo, Victoria then to Yass Valley Way, NSW to stop over the night or three when we need to. Heading towards Canberra first time to attend relevant date the next day; we decided to book later at night for two couples while eating dinner at Albury NSW to one of our listed prospect accommodations as we were not sure what time we arrived at Yass Valley Way for the night. First call attempts, enough room for a family is available so we booked in straight away, and the lady manager was willing to wait for us before midnight and if not she could leave the key at the door, and we just get in when we arrived. As usual procedure hubby gives his credit card detail to secure our room for three nights. The manager said, the tariff was usually $170 but discounted to $150 due to un-renovated yet. Cost: 150 per night x 3 nights = $450. Reached the motel at about ten past 11 PM and the lady manager did wait for us thankfully before she closed their reception office. We head off to the courtyard units room 41, and we’re trying to find a car spot near our room, but there were tradesmen Utes parked in front so we have to park at the rear building where exhaust fans are blowing out as you come out of your car.

• The tariff on their website for “Standard Two Bedroom Unit” is $140, from what the manager said it should have been $170, but they charged us $150 a night? Not really sure which tariff is real now after checking their website when I’m writing this review as shown in the evident screenshot photo. http://hamiltonhumemotorinn.com.au/hotel/motel-rooms/

motel yass NSW
• Hubby is driving the whole day we just hit our pillows without checking our beddings although our linens seemed changed while our mum/dad tried to check their beddings before they sleep on our first night but too late to ask the manager to change beddings at midnight. Next day, our dad was not happy with their beddings as bed sheets were apparently not changed he said and it feels like pillows had someone slept on it so we have to calm him down as he was repeatedly saying the whole morning if we are going to talk to the operators about their slack. We said we would, and dad kept mentioning are we going to report them to change their beddings although we knew they should change it since we booked in for three nights. We even explained to him; we will review this motel service on the internet as this is another way to let business owners and travellers know our reviews online like any travel and tourism businesses that are aware of TripAdvisor.com and alike who are willing to reply cons and pros reviews of their activities services.
• Since we invited our baby boomer mum and silent generation dad on this trip, we have to do our part and inform the motel managers why the bed sheets were not changed before we sleep in our first night. Unfortunately, the man didn’t apologise about the negative feedback before he said he would send someone to clean up and already blushing. We also asked him our WIFI password, unfortunately, every time we use their WIFI until our last stay; it was that too erratic connection. We were not able to use their WIFI service as it should.
• Our mum said, from the single bed beside their queen bed there was a cigarette lighter inside the pillow dropped when she lifted it because the queen bed heater on one side is not working well. So one of them has to sleep on the single bed separately. Mmmm that means, this room is not clean service before we booked in.
• The toaster is not working well.
• There’s no phone to use for room service or emergency.
• Unfortunately, the electric kettle jug does not fit in under the basin or lavatory; you have to use cup or glass to catch water tap.
• No information leaflets in the room at all, not sure if that is due to be renovation but they should not have booked us in, and we could have found other accommodation.
• For a standard room unit, it should have at least complete set of 4 cutleries.
• Yucky moulds on the wall frames above our beds were not clean. Mum checked it as she worked in hospitality before. I hate to look at it because moulds are one of my allergies!

• The shower curtain close to the shower and your body use by different guests is not hygienic at all; that’s where bacteria and moulds love to stay at bay.
• There are trade men Utes parking on the central front so you have to find your way out the rear building of the courtyard if you were a first-timer like us approaching the place at night time. I have noticed from the past TripAdvisor reviewer of this motel mentioned those tradies also last February 2013.
• The “Standard Two Bedroom Unit” don’t have a photo from the lodge’s website (maybe due to renovations). Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of it.
• There’s no electric iron in the room for the cost of the tariff in comparison with other motels.

• Thankfully, they did service our room for the next two days but not the single beds, or it had a general cleaning at least.
• As motel usually do, they did replace yummy biscuits and coffees that our dad likes and other necessary needs in our room (towels, queen beds in proper linen folds, washed dishes left, tissues, shampoos, soaps).
• It has a bathroom, a shower in a bathtub and toilet in one. The reverse cycle air-conditioning for heating/cooling is a plus since it’s still chilly winter month. We only turn it on in the morning.
• It has working well/clean microwave, electric kettle, and a bar fridge.
• Each room has modern televisions as we’re able to watch what was going on at the Parliament House when former PM Gillard stoop down.
• Yes, we are cat lovers and their welcoming cat came and said bye byes are rubbing on us while we missed our cat at home!
• The managers are okay.
• After staying here, this motel has already TripAdvisor reviewers.

If we are the managers of this motel, and especially it’s under renovation, we will take the cons or negative reviews as our advantage to make it a better place to stay and keep our guests coming back. Otherwise look elsewhere not to mention airbnb.com is another great option! Check our comparison article related to this motel and Airbnb service http://www.fusiontourism.com/2013/07/motel-tariffs-vs-australia-airbnb-tariffs-in-australia/





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