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Philippines Dental Tourism Review 2011

Philippines Dental Tourism Review in 2011 for Dogui-is Dental Clinic Service in Baguio City

Our personal review for Dr G. Dogui-is dental team whenever we visited them. This trip was our second visit since 2007 for another dental treatment. My cousin who is a dentist personally referred them to us as they knew and worked each other before. Ever since we have not tried another dental service other than them in Baguio City, Philippines. Maybe because they do look after us and their cost charge is always reasonable. My cousin even made sure how much she charged us, and she does confirm it reasonably 🙂 without asking her assurance.

We choose to do our Dental treatment in the Philippines as it is a lot cheaper and similar quality service you get in Australia if not even more efficient. At the same time visiting our family and friends back home. Brian had his crown fixed within two weeks procedure before our flight to Macau to see our other family members we have not seen for years! Then for the last time, we need to see our dentist after we were back from Macau and before we flight back to Australia, to see her if the treatment is going well.


  • For Brian’s crown restoration, Jennifer’s refilling and general cleaning for both.


  • Referred to us by someone we know and built trust
  • Their dental team are reliable, prompt, and gentle caring
  • Dental Crown first week is cleaning, X-ray and measurement. The second-week visit was for fitting the crown (porcelain) and making sure it fits correctly.
  • They are considerate with your itinerary plan or prioritise your needs as they understand you stay short term.
  • Reasonable dental cost.
  • The dental clinic was a small area but manageable before they plan to move to another new building.
  • They make sure you feel comfortable while you wait for your turn. Otherwise, you can go there when it is your appointment time.
  • Once, you have their phone numbers with you; you can ring them anytime or even SMS them. They will reply promptly.


  • The toilet from this building is uncomfortable but tolerable 🙂 that is why you need to borrow the key from them due to public use restrictions.
  • Outside vendors are allowed here and sell the ladies with snack food or even packed lunch (hope do not feel shocked if you are coming from the overseas first time)


Total cost for Brian’s treatment was P10,000 pesos – AU$264 (rate at the time was about P38 Philippine peso against Australia $1)

Total cost for Jennifer’s treatment was P1800 pesos – AU$47

Dr Dogui-is assistant




  • You are welcome if you need a referral from us or even from someone we know in Baguio City for your Dental or Medical treatment.



  • Hopefully, for our next dental visit, the dental clinic would have already transferred to a better place because that’s what they told us. We are not the only foreigners getting treatments from them.



  • Baguio is Philippines Summer Capital City, surrounded by Benguet province area where Pine trees and fresh vegetables and flowers grow.
  • It is 1,540 m (5,050 ft) above sea level, and you feel like travelling over the clouds if you are coming from Manila to Baguio City or any lowlands.
  • Enjoy the average coolness all year round between 25 to 26°C (79 °F).
  • You can eat anywhere around Baguio City from any point A to B within walking distance, riding a public taxi or if you fancy jeepneys go for it.
  • Jeepneys offer even cheaper fare than taxis. If you want more privacy and comfort, you can wait for taxi alongside the road (most times be patient when peak time traffic), and they will bring you to where you want to go.
  • Home of many private and public universities, theological seminaries for local and international students.
  • Many points of tourism spots destination to choose from inside the city and out of town
  • Many restaurants local and international for foodie tourists and travellers

Author: Jennifer R Baulch @ www.jenniferramirezbaulch.com



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